Obligatory Legalese Disclaimerish

Please read it all.

HelmetHedz are novelty Motorcycle Helmet Covers.

They’re constructed of stretchy nylonish fur type material with a big bit of elastic around the bottom to hold them onto the helmet firmly.

They’re one size fits most.

They slip on and off the helmet in seconds, and are washable.

They are designed to protect the helmet (A little, from dust and cats and stuff)

They are designed to store the helmet in, and protect the helmet from chips, like if you drop the helmet on those nice Italian tiles in the kitchen.

They are designed to make kids laugh and point when they see you.

They are not to be used on public roads. (The same as most aftermarket motorcycle accessories.)

However, If you chose to wear them on a public road, I’d limit it to low speed events like Toy Runs, and parades and charity fund raising events. They do attract a bit of attention.

They are to be used at all times in conjunction with local laws and regulations.

They can potentially impede peripheral vision, dependent on type of motorcycle helmet, how it’s been fitted and so forth.

They can potentially interfere with airflow through the ventilation systems of some motorcycle helmets.

They can potentially limit wind noise. Well, they do a bit, sort of like a microphone sock works. This might also affect hearing in some circumstances, which could be a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at things.

They do increase wind drag, which can make your neck tired, as well as the rest of you. This is not a problem if restricted to low speed use as recommended above.

They look best when your helmet has a dark visor. Otherwise it looks a bit like a motorcycle riding puppet has swallowed a human.

They take time out of your day because lots of people will want to take photos of you.